Hietsuno is a beautiful area of Japan. | Hida Toyama Ishikawa Tourism Association(Hietsuno)

Gifu Prefecture

Hida Beef

This brand-name beef is characterized by its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and rich flavor.

Takaoka City

Amaharashi Coast Quasi-National Park

This land of reefs, white sand, and green pines features a view of the Tateyama Mountain Range across Toyama Bay.

Nanao City

Notojima Bridge

A trip to Notojima Island begins with the view crossing over this bridge.

Wajima City

Senmaida Rice Terraces

The World Heritage Site with scenery that makes it the star of "Noto's Land & Sea." A nationally designated scenic spot.

  • 高山古い町並"
  • チューリップフェア
  • 新穂高ロープウェイ
  • 高山市
  • 相倉の四季_冬
  • 高岡市_大仏

What’s Hietsuno?

Hietsuno is a beautiful area of Japan with many sights to see. Located almost in the center of Japan's main island, the area was once composed of three separate cities and villages—Hida, Etchu, and Noto—from which Hietsuno gets its name, using the first Chinese character from each name. With its variety of festivals and events, to its local food sourced from land and sea, beautiful vistas, and unique historical sites and cultural facilities, Hietsuno attracts many visitors through the year. Access via highway and shinkansen has improved dramatically, making it much easier to visit. Why not make your visit to Hietsuno?


Recommended routes


See pamphlets about the cities and towns of the Hietsuno sightseeing area. Inside, you'll find more detailed information about how to enjoy each area. Take a look!



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