ETCHU | Hida Toyama Ishikawa Tourism Association(Hietsuno)

Public transportation

We would like to present you with information about public transportation for sightseeing in the Hida/Etchu/Noto areas. You can use this information to get from the airport or train stations to sightseeing spots. In addition to information about trains and buses, we also give information about shuttle buses and shared taxis to sightseeing spots, bicycle rental, and other convenient transportation information for your trip to Hietsuno.

  • motor tricycle rental service (HIMICA)

    HIMICAs are adorable electric three-wheeled carts with a light blue and white body. Their maximum speed is 20 km/h, allowing you to tour around the city center at your own pace. They can be rented at the Himi Tourism Association and Himi Banya-gai.

  • bicycle rental service

    Bicycles can be rented at three locations: JR Himi Station, Himi Banya-gai, and JR Amaharashi Station, and can be returned at any of those locations. Enjoy the refreshing sea breeze as you cycle through Himi town and along the coastline!

  • Bike Rental“Nanto Bike”

    E-Bikes can be rented at Johana Station and Fukumitsu Station. You can choose between a half-day rental period (4 hours) or a full-day rental period (4 hours or more). Bicycles can be returned at any of the five stations in the city.

  • Tonami City Bicycle rental

    This is a convenient rent-a-cycle for sightseeing in Tonami City. You can choose between regular and mountain bicycles. All of the bicycles are E-Bikes, so they are effortless to ride.

  • Bicycle rental

    Bicycles can be borrowed free of charge at five locations in Oyabe City. They are E-Bikes, so cycling uphill is a breeze. Please return the bicycles to where you borrowed them once the lending time limit has expired. (Lending period: April to November)

  • Oyabe Municipal Bus

    Oyabe City buses include the "Mär Bus", which is a shared-ride bus, and shared-ride taxi vans (reservation required). The buses feature Mär-gyu-kun and Mär-momo-chan, the extremely cute mascot characters of Oyabe City. These buses can be used to get around the city for commuting to work, going to school, shopping, and hospital visits.

  • rental cycle

    Rental bicycles for exploring the Imizu bay area are available, ideal for exploring areas such as Kaiwo Maru Park, Uchikawa. Would you like to enjoy visiting the bay area on cross bikes?

  • Burikani Bus

    The "Toyama Burikani Bus" is a very convenient way to get from Toyama to the Imizu City and Shin-Minato area with just one bus ride! We hope you'll take advantage of it!

  • Manyousen

    This tram connects Takaoka Station to Koshinokata (Shinminato) in Imizu City. There is also a convenient one-day "free ticket" for touring around the sightseeing spots in Takaoka City and the Shin-Minato area of Imizu City. There is also a Doraemon-themed "Doraemon Tram" that runs around the city.

  • Express Bus Takayama line

    This express bus runs from Shin-Takaoka Station to Takayama via Shirakawa-go in two hours. You will be able to visit places such as the old streets of Takayama City and the "gassho-zukuri" thatched roof village of Shirakawa-go, which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Wakuraonsen direct bus “Waku-liner”

    This bus route starts in front of Takaoka Station and makes stops at Shin-Takaoka Station and various locations in Himi City, after which it goes on to Nanao City and Wakaru Onsen. Reservations are not required. The route is scheduled to coincide with the arrival and departure of the Hokuriku Shinkansen at Shin-Takaoka Station. Please check the link for the service times on the date of your visit.

  • Express Bus Takayama line

    This express bus runs from Shin-Takaoka Station to Takayama via Shirakawa-go in two hours. The bus stops where passengers can get on and off include Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe, making it a convenient route that can be leisurely used for sightseeing as well as shopping.

  • World heritage bus (Takaoka, Johana, Gokayama and Shirakawa-go)

    Sightseeing buses run daily between Takaoka and Shin-Takaoka stations as well as Gokayama and Shirakawa-go. With convenient connections from and to the Hokuriku Shinkansen, you can easily visit places such as Johana, which is famous for its opulent Hikiyama festival floats, and the villages of Gokayama and Shirakawa-go with their "gassho-zukuri" steep thatched roofs, which are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. "Free tickets" that will allow you to hop on and off at your leisure are also available.

  • Wakuraonsen direct bus “Waku-liner”

    This is an express bus route that starts in front of Takaoka Station and goes to Nanao City and Wakura Onsen via Shin-Takaoka Station and various places in Himi City. Reservations are not required. Two round trips are made every day that coincide with the arrival and departure times of the Hokuriku Shinkansen at Shin-Takaoka Station.

  • Toyama chihou railway

    The Toyama Port Line (a tram) runs north of Toyama Station, connecting Toyama City with the lovely port town of Iwase, which flourished as a port for "kitamaebune" cargo ships, and serves as a convenient means of transportation for both locals and tourists.