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Yatsusankan is made up of three buildings, in which guests can experience a sense of the Meiji (1868-1912), Taisho (1912-1926), and Showa (1926–1989) periods: Shogetsuro, which appeared in the film, "Oh! The Nomugi Pass," and was reconstructed in 1905 by the carpenters of Hida in the style of the old merchant houses of Hida; Kangetsuro, with its 10 Kyoto-size tatami mat flooring and entryroom with a sunken hearth for guests to be able to completely relax; and Kogetsuro, a luxurious room built in the sukiya-style (of tea rooms).
Yatsusankan serves meals made with ingredients from Hida's bountiful mountains and seas, with seafood shipped directly to the ryokan, as well as river fish from the Miyakawa River, and other seasonal ingredients.
Visitors can also soothe their travel-weary bodies in one of our baths, each of which has a slightly different style.

  • Address:1-8-27 Mukai-machi, Furukawa-cho, Hida City, Gifu Prefecture
  • Tel:0577-73-2121
  • Mail:info@823kan.com
  • Web:http://www.823kan.com
  • Booking: Official Web Site
  • Type: Ryokan
  • Credit: Available
  • Room: Japanese Room
  • English: Available
  • Note:Historical ryokan

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