UMI-AKARI | Hida Toyama Ishikawa Tourism Association(Hietsuno)




This modern, Japanese-style ryokan with onsen stands facing the sea, about 8 km from JR Himi Station. The lobby feels spacious, lined with glass and looking out across Toyama Bay towards the Tateyama Mountain range. Himi Roadside Station and Market are about 6 km away by car, and Manga Road is about 7 km distant by car. Our warm and welcoming Japanese-style rooms feature wide verandas, and we also offer Western-style rooms with two beds. All rooms include free wifi, air conditioning, flatscreen TVs, refrigerators, and washlet toilets. The ryokan also offers a mixed Japanese-Western-style suite, upgraded to a modern Japanese style with a central garden, brandname bed, air purifier, and massage chair. An open-air, ocean view bath with hot spring water drawn from our two private springs, and a rock bath are available. Kaiseki course meals and mixed Japanese-Western-style fish breakfast buffet are served in our dining area with the fresh catch from Himi Fishing Harbor. We also have a party space and aesthetic salon.

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