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Uchikawa no Ie Nago

Constructed from a rennovated 100 year-old traditional home, this guesthouse opened in March of 2019. It includes two Japanese gardens, and the adjoining warehouse houses a café and gallery. There are three guest rooms, each with its own particular style. Bedrooms are completely separate, and tatami portions and portions with wood flooring are separated with a lockable sliding door, which can be opened for guests to take advantage of a wider space. Bath, kitchen, and washrooms are all public, and have been remodeled. Rooms are outfitted with futons, floor chairs and cushions, TVs, air conditioners, safety boxes, full-length mirros, coat hangers, indoor clothes hangers (for drying), free wifi, and amenities for a fee. A 20 tatami-mat space is also available for rent (for a fee).

  • Address:17-5 Hojozu-machi ,Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture
  • Tel:0766-75-3137
  • Mail:otoiawase@uchikawanoie-nago.com
  • Web:https://uchikawanoie-nago.com/
  • Booking: Airbnb
  • Type: Private Residence Lodging
  • Credit: Not applicable
  • Room: Japanese RoomBed Room
  • English: Available
  • Note:Traditional home

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