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Tanekura Inn

With terraced rice fields, stonework, and Itakura-style structures dotting the landscape, the Tanekura area is a place where you can still find a nostalgic scene from the countryside of an older Japan. The concept behind the Tanekura Inn, one building among a group of reconstructed traditional homes over 100 years old, is a detox and medicinal herbal retreat. Guests can watch the changing scenery of the seasons, interact with locals in the area, enjoy the sounds of the water in the rice paddies, the wind and songs of the birds, as well as taste locally-harvested food. In an older Japan, it may have been an ordinary thing, but nowadays, spending a day off "doing nothing" has become something precious, and this is a perfect place to relish just that. Meals are made with care-fully selected grain and vegetable ingredients, including local wild plants and soba, that are kind to both body and spirit. There are also opportunities to pick wild plants and herbs from within the community of Itakura structures.

  • Address:37-2 Tanekura, Miyagawa-cho, Hida City, Gifu Prefecture
  • Tel:0577-63-2888
  • Mail:info@tanekura.com
  • Web:http://tanekura.com/
  • Booking: Trip Advisor
  • Type: Other
  • Credit: Available
  • Room: Entire place
  • English: Available
  • Note:Full home rental

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