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Sakuragaike Kurgarden

Located about 15 minutes from Ainokura Gassho-zukuri Village, a World Heritage Site. Guests can enjoy both French and Japanese cuisine, made with seafood ingredients from Toyama Bay, and the farmlands of Tonami. Our authentic sweets are also popular. Guest rooms are based in Western styles, and all are relaxing twin rooms, featuring illuminating furnishings. Into this relaxing environment, we've also including a number of soothing elements. Sakuragaike Kurgarden is located in nature-filled Nanto City, but is also located on the banks of Sakuragaike Lake, an auberge that incorporates the stillness found by the lake, and the comfort of the countryside. One reason for our popularity is not only our onsen, but a jet massage pool that uses onsen waters. After experiencing a feeling of renewal here, you can further its effect with an aromatherapy massage: another imporant point of note is our natural spa, unrivaled in the Hokuriku region.

  • Address:1514 Tatenoharahigashi, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture
  • Tel:0763-62-8181
  • Web:
  • Booking: Official Web Site
  • Type: Hotel
  • Credit: Available
  • Room: Bed RoomJapanese-Western style room
  • English: Available
  • Note:Enjoy both French and authentic Japanese cuisine.

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