OYABE CROSSLAND HOTEL | Hida Toyama Ishikawa Tourism Association(Hietsuno)




This hotel is located just beside the Crossland Tower, a symbol of Oyabe. The Crossland Hotel offers relaxing rooms, making it perfect for not only travel, but for business travel as well. The hotel can also provide space and dining options for many different events and numbers of people, from auspicious event, to memorial services, to parties. There is also a large public bath that may be used by non-overnight guests as well, so please stop by and relax yourself after a long day.

  • Address:65-1 Washigashima, Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture
  • Tel:0766-67-1700
  • Web:http://www.crossland.jp/
  • Booking: Official Web Site
  • Type: Hotel
  • Credit: Available
  • Room: Japanese RoomBed Room
  • English: Available

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