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"Located 7 minutes by car from JR Himi Station, and 7 minutes from the Noto Expressway Himi-Kita Interchange, this inn upholds the concept of ""simplicity"" in its cuisine, baths, staff, and atmospherics.
Visitors can see a panoramic view of the Tateyama Mountains appearing to rise up out of the sea, which are particularly lovely at sunrise. The carbonated, simple saline hot spring that gushes up from a depth of 360 meters is also our own private spring, and it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. The spring gets its nickname, ""Miroku"" from the names of the numbers 3,6, and 0, for the spring's 360 meters. The waters from this spring are particularly difficult to cool, and bathing guests can luxuriate in the scent of the waters and the scent of the salt.
We serve fresh fish, of course, but also our owner's own particular homemade seaweed udon noodles.
Guests may also enjoy a folk song concert from the master of the inn! (See dates on our website)
You're also sure to feel refreshed with an enjoyable chat with the inn's wakaokami (traditionally, the lady innkeeper)."

  • Address:6-1 Ao,Himi City,Toyama Prefecture
  • Tel:0766-74-1144
  • Mail:kozaburo@arrow.ocn.ne.jp
  • Web:http://kozaburo.jp
  • Booking: JTB
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  • Type: Bed & Breakfast (B&B)
  • Credit: Not applicable
  • Room: Japanese RoomBed Room
  • English: Available

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