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The sea stands just before this long-standing onsen guesthouse, which is about 10 minutes by car from JR Himi Station, and 6 minutes from Noto Expressway Himi-Kita Interchange.
Guests can enjoy cuisine made with fresh, seasonal seafood.
We hope that our guests will enjoy their time here in peace, with the sight of the Tateyama Mountains across the sea, the onsen, and the food.
Visitors can relax in the bath with water that flows directly from the hot spring.
We are particular about the way we prepare our food, and never offer our guests food that is below our standards. Our skilled chef applies all his skill when he prepares meals.
With the flavors of fresh, seasonal ingredients, we also offer a number of course meals.
Water flows from our onsen for guests to use at a temperature of 51.5 C.
We particularly recommended bathing in this onsen to improve nerve or muscle pain, or for ladies who are easily chilled.
Guest rooms are comfortable Japanese-style rooms that incorporate Himi cedar. Guests are invited to relax mind and body in any of the rooms in our guesthouse.

  • Address:2810 Ao,Himi City,Toyama Prefecture
  • Tel:0766-72-2503
  • Mail:kanouya.himi@gmail.com
  • Web:http://www.himi-kanouya.jp
  • Booking: Rakuten Travel
    Jaran Net
  • Type: Bed & Breakfast (B&B)
  • Credit: Available
  • Room: Japanese Room
  • English: Available

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