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Gero Onsen Yamagataya

Located just on the edge of the Hida River, Yamagataya offers Japanese-style tatami rooms, mixed Japanese/Western style rooms with wonderful views, and other unique rooms.
All rooms feature wi-fi.
Yamagataya has both a large public bath and private outdoor baths available for rent.
Meals are available in a variety of styles all under one roof: in rooms, in private booths, and in restaurants.
Yamagataya is a 10 minute walk from Gero Station.
A free shuttle bus service is also available.

  • Address:260-1 Yunoshima Gero City, Gifu Prefecture
  • Tel:0576-25-2601
  • Web:
  • Booking: Official Web Site
  • Type: Ryokan
  • Credit: Available
  • Room: Japanese-Western style room
  • English: Available

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