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Fukumitsu Netsuokuri Tanabata Festival

Annually in late July (4 days)

Fukumitsu Netsuokuri Tanabata Festival

This "Netsuokuri," or "farewell to heat" festival has been held for about 300 years, and is used to pray both against crop damage from insects and for an abundant harvest. In addition to these traditional festivities, a festival is also held in Fukumitsu Shopping Street. Streets will be closed off to cars and decorated with Tanabata (Star Festival) decorations, along which great taiko drums will be beaten, traditional folk dances will be performed, and fireworks and other colorful events will be held in lavish fashion. Additionally, festival participants will beat drums as they circle the rice fields during the traditional Netsuokuri, which will be held on the third day, on Saturday, throughout Fukumitsu.